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What is The Holistic Panda?

The Holistic Panda is the first Asian-conscious wellness platform and a booking platform for a diverse range of wellness services, including traditional alternative medicine, life and health coaching, mind and body healing work, energy therapies, and holistic beauty treatments. We know firsthand how difficult it can be to find the right wellness services and culturally competent providers, so we have built a platform to help you navigate your discovery journey in finding the support you need to achieve your health goals!

As a company founded and led by Asians, it is our North Star to help the Asian community embrace and normalize the practice of self-care. With that said, we also realize that the stigmatization around mental health and wellness is a shared human experience and welcome anyone to join our community.

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Why The Holistic Panda?


  • Easily search through our diverse range of wellness services

  • Securely book and pay for your session in just a few clicks

  • Access wellness services anytime, anywhere


  • Enjoy free account signup and zero booking fee

  • Receive free discovery call with practitioners to identify the right fit

  • Book with trusted practitioners that have received background checks


  • Learn about wellness through our content and articles

  • Join events with experts to optimise health and wellness

  • Be a part of a community of like-minded people

How does it work?

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