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Oracle Card Reading: How It Can Help You Gain Clarity

Oracle Card Reading: How It Can Help You Gain Clarity

April 29, 2022

Oracle card reading is a form of holistic healing that uses cards to help you gain insight into your current situation and find solutions to the problems. We often become frustrated or overwhelmed because we lack a sense of direction or purpose. This practice can be used to help you gain clarity, relieve stress, and make better decisions in your life. In this blog post, we've reached out to two holistic coaches, Giovanna Lin and Linh Nguyen, for their thoughts on this topic. We will discuss what oracle card reading is and how it can help you tap into your intuition!


What is an oracle card reading?


The oracle deck is a unique and powerful tool used for spiritual guidance, intuition, and emotional wellness. They can lead you towards what is most important in life by tuning into your inner self. Oracle cards are similar to tarot cards, but they usually have more simplistic designs and focus on providing guidance for specific situations.

Giovanna Lin, a holistic coach who uses oracle card reading to share gifts of healing to those who are open, ready, willing, and able to receive, explained to us her approach to this method. She says,

"Oracle card reading is used as a tool for clarity and guidance. To me, it illuminates how things are going energetically, rather than telling the receiver specifically what to do. That being said, readings as a whole bring about the inspiration for the receiver, on moving forward in life. It’s very amazing when the cards illustrate clearly, physically, thoughts and feelings we have been experiencing, leading up to the reading, which may have been muddy, lurking in the subconscious. Confirmations, if you will—which in turn feel empowering, that yes, we do innately hold deep wisdom and intuition within ourselves. The process feels really quite magickal (magical), relieving, and grounding; the connection made between reader and receiver is also just so beautiful and special. It is this nature, I think, that draws people back to the practice again and again, since the beginning of time, to commune with the universal essence of love."


How can an oracle card reading help you?


A reading can provide clarity and guidance around a specific situation or questions you have. It starts with you choosing a specific number of cards from the deck that you feel intuitively drawn to. Once you have chosen your cards, your reader will then interpret the meaning of the cards in relation to your questions. Often, we can be stuck in our heads and not be able to see the situation clearly. The beauty of an oracle card reading is that it can help to provide that outside perspective and provide solutions or insights that we had not considered before. 

Another way an oracle card reading can help you is by giving you a sense of what energy you are working with. Are you feeling blocked? Stuck? Or is everything flowing smoothly? The cards can help provide insight into the current energy around your situation and offer guidance on how to best work with that energy.

Lastly, a reading can help to provide clarity on your spiritual path. We all have a unique path to follow, and sometimes, we need guidance on which steps to take next.  The cards can help illuminate your path and offer guidance on how to move forward.

Once you receive an interpretation of the meaning of your cards, you can then start to find solutions to the problems or challenges you are experiencing. The guidance that you receive can help lead you in the right direction and provide relief from any stress or anxiety that you may be feeling.


What is an oracle card reading used for?


Oracle card readings can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

Linh Nguyen is a self-worth life coach and energy healer that specializes in helping her clients uncover problems with a direct and transparent approach. She uses oracle reading and reiki healing as the bridge to the world of holistic counselling. Here she shared with us some of the most commonly asked questions her clients have at a reading: 


Tips for accurate readings


Linh offered us her top four tips for getting the most out of a reading:

  1. Arrive with a clear intention on why you want the reading
  2. Be open to receiving the answers and guidance
  3. Allow room for vulnerability
  4. Don't schedule too much after a reading in order to allow your mind and body to process

Letting yourself be vulnerable during the reading will allow you to connect more deeply with the cards and the guidance they have to offer. The results can be very rewarding. Linh informed us that her clients had experienced surprise benefits after a session, such as energetic shifts (better mood, mental clarity), hope for the present and future, and a sense of empowerment to make changes.


If you are experiencing stress from feeling lost, stuck, or just need some guidance in your life, oracle card readings can be a great way to help you find relief. The reading can help you gain some clarity around your goals and reduce tension and anxiety around a particular situation. If you are interested in trying an oracle card reading, Giovanna and Linh offer readings online. You can learn more about their services by clicking on the links below:

Linh Nguyen

Giovanna Lin


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