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5 Ways to Raise Your Vibration through Food

5 Ways to Raise Your Vibration through Food

February 19, 2022

Everything in the known universe has an energetic vibration. Have you ever felt uplifted after spending time with an aligned and positive friend, or down after being with someone who complains about everything? Good vibes vs. bad vibes have become part of modern vernacular, however, did you know your food can impact your vibe too?

Food is medicine, another trend phrase rooted in ancient healing philosophy, is growing in popularity and acceptance by the global health-conscious community. Here are five ways to enhance food choices to nourish your physical body and raise your energetic vibration.


1. Eat as fresh as possible, choosing local foods whenever possible.

The closer your food is to fresh-picked, the higher the vibe. As food ripens on the plant or in the ground it is consistently exposed to high vibes from nature. This makes homegrown, seasonal, organic, and biodynamic food the highest vibe options. If you’re eating foods out of season they were either grown in a lower vibe, sterile environment like a greenhouse or picked days to weeks ago and shipped in artificial air or trucked across the continent zipping through city smog and highway exhaust. Growing your own or foraging wild food furthermore raises your vibration as you’re exposed to nature when collecting it.

Bonus tip: spending time in natural environments like the beach, forest, or city park, will raise your vibration.


2. Touch and prepare your food.

Oftentimes you won’t have access to fresh or local foods, but you can infuse your meals with your own living vibrations. When fresh food was harvested who-knows-how-long-ago, put on the grocery store shelf, and forgotten in your fridge for over a week it has very little access to surrounding high vibes. The Thai noodles you ordered two nights ago might have been full of vibrant life force from the passionate chef after they arrived at your house, but sitting in the fridge they have become rather dead and dull. However, you can increase the vibration of this food with your touch and life force energy. Rip your old forgotten lettuce leaves by hand instead of cutting them with a knife. Stir your leftovers, adding some fresh citrus or a handful of living, raw sprouts. Heat your meals on the stove rather than the microwave. Wake your nourishment up from the fridge coma with your own energy and natural heat sources. You may even create the habit of taking cold foods out of the fridge 20 minutes before mealtime to allow them to warm slightly before eating.

Bonus tip: intentional movement in all forms is another way to raise your vibrations. Try yoga, chi gong, walking in nature, or simply stretch with intention at your seat.


3. Be mindful and intentional about your thoughts regarding food.

Gratitude, joy, and love will all increase the vibration of your food. It could be a drag to chop your veggies for a stir fry, or it could be an amazing blessing. You could chomp into an apple out of utility and necessity, dreaming of bagels instead, or you can bite into a bursting juicy slice with awe and appreciation. Why not have a bagel with sliced apples together and marvel at your ability to nourish as you please? The higher your gratitude for healthy foods, the better they will taste. The higher vibe of your diet, the more you crave the right things! You start to crave the feeling you get from eating well and it becomes second nature to nourish mindfully.

However, this mindset tip also applies to junk food and fast food. Sometimes you just gotta eat it (or some may rely heavily on convenience foods) and in this case, you can still take a moment before eating and say a simple phrase such as, “I infuse this food with my gratitude, appreciation, and high vibes,” or any expression that resonates with you. Access to any calories is a blessing to be celebrated. Make healthy food choices a goal if you’re not already there. On the other hand, if you’re in a situation where you have the skills and resources to prepare and eat healthy foods take a moment to frame your mind around how incredibly fortunate you are.

Bonus tip: Thoughts of gratitude and feelings of love in all areas of life will raise your vibration.


4. Focus on plant-based foods.

Animal-sourced foods such as meat and dairy are low vibration. If your diet revolves around these items then start with one new plant food per day such as carrot and celery sticks for a snack, or even just one vegan meal per week such as homemade chili. Small, intentional, enjoyable steps can help you feel better as you eat better. When you notice having more energy, clearer thinking and better sleeps this will help you crave and eat even more plant-based foods.

Bonus tip: The simple mindset of eating plants that you could grow nearby makes this tip attainable rather than confusing.


5. Focus on whole foods.

The closer to nature, the higher vibe of the food. Examples of whole foods are freshly baked potato wedges compared to fried potato chips or oatmeal instead of a granola bar. Multigrain and whole wheat bread is closer to whole than white bread, and fresh-cut coleslaw with simple homemade dressing is higher vibe than the pre-cut, bagged option with highly processed dressing. Peeling an orange to enjoy with breakfast will raise your vibration whereas a cup of pasteurized orange juice will not.

If your current diet comes mostly from packaged items such as pasta, bread, chips, frozen burritos, and sugary drinks then add more whole foods. Plan a few nights this month to cook up a new whole grain or legume. Make quinoa instead of white rice or try a black bean burger recipe instead of frozen patties. You might just make a simple green salad next time you wait for delivery to arrive so that your meal has a side of high vibe, fresh foods. The satisfaction of creating something from whole foods will also leave you feeling more energized, confident, and nourished than keeping up the convenience habit.

Bonus tip: Ask yourself, how close to nature is this food? If it is not natural at all, how can you raise the vibration of your meal or snack by adding something fresh?


The wonderful effect of making dietary shifts towards healthier, holistic food choices is feeling better moment by moment. When food is your medicine and you can be grateful for any and all calories, you become more comfortable in your own skin. Holistic nutrition is all about being your best self. Become that person who vibes so high that others think of your company as their medicine too.


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