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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Holistic Panda, and how are you different from other search platforms?

The Holistic Panda is an online discovery platform that enables you to find a diverse range of holistic services provided by trusted practitioners. We are different from other online discovery platforms as our search focuses on matching you with the holistic services that best suit your health goals. We want to make your quest to improve your health and well-being as easy and straightforward as possible, so let us help you navigate this process and find the right service.

What is a speciality?

A speciality is a specific area where the practitioner has devoted much time to practicing and excelling. Some examples of specialities include naturopathy, functional medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutritional coaching, and counselling.

What is a health goal?

A health goal is an area in your life you want to improve on, such as developing better eating habits or learning to manage your stress. It does not necessarily have to be an existing medical condition because your health journey can start at any point and stage.

I think some of the words are misspelled, such as speciality. Shouldn't it be 'specialty'?

We are a Canadian company, and as part of the Commonwealth, British English is usually the standard. We also want to service our global community, where the use of British English is prevalent.

What exactly is holistic health?

The word 'holistic' is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking account of mental and social factors. Holistic therapies aim to fix the root causes of the condition and not only alleviate the symptoms. They can be complementary and alternative healing practices that overlap with modern-day western medicine, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, massage therapy, and Reiki. They can also be counselling, life coaching, and fitness sessions that aim to examine an individual and his/her well-being as a whole - mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, creatively - and develop a complete, holistic resolution that tackles all of these areas.

What kind of practitioners can I find on your platform?

We currently have practitioners across 20 specialties, ranging from energy healers to fitness and nutrition coaches. We also have practitioners from multiple cultural backgrounds as we know health can be influenced by culture, whether it’s the perception of health or the approaches to health promotion, or the types of treatment clients prefer. We currently have practitioners from the US and Canada but are actively looking to onboard practitioners from other countries to expand the range of services and representation of practitioners we offer.

What is the cost of using your platform?

There’s no cost or service fee for users to set up an account and use our platform. The only fee you will pay is for the service provided by the practitioner.

How does it work?

The Holistic Panda enables you to easily search for one-on-one sessions with trusted wellness practitioners based on your health goals. You can also filter the sessions by specialities, language preferences, and session type (either virtual or in-person sessions). Found a session you like? Submit a booking request and await your confirmation, and on you go. It’s that easy. For more information, please refer to our “how it works” section on our homepage.

Do you accept insurance?

We don’t handle insurance payments. You’ll work directly with your practitioners to coordinate billing. There’s a section on the practitioner’s profile where you can see if they accept insurance. Please check with the practitioner if you’re unsure if they take your insurance. You can contact them through the platform chatbox.

What do I get when I sign up?

You will get your user account, including personalized recommendations on services based on your health goals. You’ll also get priority access to our events and workshops.

How do I communicate with the practitioner?

You can message the practitioners directly through our chatbox. A notification will be sent directly to them. Similarly, when a practitioner messages you, you will also receive an alert in your inbox.

Are you compliant with standards set forth by Health Canada/FDA/ HIPAA?

We are only a discovery platform and do not sell health products. Hence we do not fall under Health Canada or FDA guidelines. We also do not store any sensitive patient data that would fall under HIPAA Compliant guidelines.

Do you have an app?

We are currently only a web-based platform and do not have an app yet. However, our site is optimized for both web and mobile views.