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Dale Kobialko

Certified PEMF Therapy expert & member of The Association of PEMF Professionals (AOPP)

Biofield Tuning, Biotherapy, Energy Healing, Meditation, Nutrition Coaching

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Languages: English

Experience: More than 10 years

Accepts Insurance: No

About Me

Dale has a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Chemistry and in Biology from the University of Regina.

His love of science led him in the direction of natural health & healing, where he received his 2 year college diploma from The Professional Institute of Massage Therapy in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

After earning his massage diploma, Dale spent
the next 5 years travelling the world and working with Royal Caribbean & Celebrity Cruise Lines in the spa industry.

His present work & research involves bridging the gap between science & spirit, while drawing from his over 20 years of experience in world travels, science, and working knowledge of the metaphysical realm of body, mind & soul.

Dale teaches various workshops in Massage & Energy Healing. In addition to the various types of massage, Dale also offers healing sessions in person or remotely, long distance, as well as group healings & healing circles. He's also available for coaching.

Healing Approach

Education & Certification

Education: University of Regina, Bachelor of Science degree (Chemistry & Biology majors), Professional Institute of Massage Therapy, 2 year college diploma

Certification: B.Sc., Massage, PEMF, Energy Healing, Health & Wellness Coach, Instructor

Professional Membership

The Association of PEMF Professionals (AOPP)


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Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy


CA$ 120.0



Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is safe and simple to use. It’s proven beneficial for all tissue, bone and nerve repair. It reverses pain and discomfort, while regenerating healthy cells. It comes from Switzerland and has been used in European hospitals and clinics for 25 years. Plus, our technology has a Class 2 Medical Device Certification with Health Canada, is registered with the FDA and NASA uses PEMF technology. Nothing out there compares to this!

The Omnium1 PEMF Mat affects every one of your 100 trillion cells in just 8 minutes, bringing them into resonance with the 0-30Hz Earth based frequencies we are meant to be in tune with, directing and even amplifying them if desired. Using the PEMF mat will keep you in the correct healing frequency range all the time. This truly is life changing!

A complete PEMF session takes around 60 minutes. The price above includes 2 sessions. For more info on PEMF, please goto my website www.pemfexperience.com

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