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Drew Climie

Life Coach and Yoga Professional

Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Meditation, Yoga

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Languages: English

Experience: 2-5 years

Accepts Insurance: No

About Me

My name’s Drew, it’s great to meet you. My professional career started in the tech world, software startups are where I thrived. I loved the fast pace, engaged teams, and the excitement of seeing the results of your efforts. Ultimately the long hours, never ending expectations, and excessive travel burnt me out.

My life needed to change. I struck out on my own and launched an outdoor recreation business teaching people to paddle. My office turned into lakes, reservoirs, grassy parks and blue skies. I quickly realized I wasn’t just teaching people to paddle, I was creating healthy opportunities to engage with nature, and come together as a community. I guided as boundaries were pushed, fears overcome, and together we celebrated success.

Today, I’ve grown my practice and now focus on Yoga and Life Coaching. Drawing on training and my past experiences I help people build confidence in their body, improve their health with breath and movement practices, and navigate life's challenges.

Healing Approach

My Yoga training and teaching focus on a trauma informed approach that focuses on improving mobility, flexibility, and strength, while focusing on the breath to calm the mind. My classes are full of choice and options, you will be encouraged to tune into your body's needs and practice in a way that suits and is safe for you.

I firmly believe that the benefits of a regular Yoga practice should be accessible to everyone. I welcome everyone to my classes and provide guidance on how to move into the different forms for those who are new.

Life Coaching
My coaching style is the same as my approach to yoga. It's strength based, meaning, I believe we all have what it takes to improve and create a life we want to live. My job as a coach is to empower you to tap your strength, your inner guidance, and your self worth.

We'll cut through the chatter in your mind that's holding you back and create new habits and beliefs that will carry you forward to the life or change you want for yourself.

Education & Certification

Certification: Yoga Instructor RYT 200, Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor, Certified Life Coach, Certified Health Coach, Advanced SUP and SUPYoga Instructor, Wilderness First Aid - CPR/AED

Professional Membership

Yoga Alliance, Paddle Canada


Free 15-minute Discovery Call





Book a complimentary discovery call with Drew to learn more about Drew's services.

Life Coaching, Taking Steps to The Life You Desire


CA$ 157.5



You might be wondering, 'do I need a life coach?'

My answer is everyone can benefit from having a Coach. Especially when faced with changes we struggle to make, feelings of 'stuck' with no way forward, or on a journey of personal growth and need someone to walk with you, and hold you accountable..

Why Hire Me?
Simple, my approach is unique. I customize a program that facilitates personal development while tapping into the mental and physical benefits of Yoga. Yoga creates the conditions for personal growth to flourish.

We then uncover limiting beliefs and sabotaging traits. You will connect with your personal power, define your life's vision, and learn to trusting your inner guidance instead of searching externally for solutions.

Want to Know More? Book a Call

Programs run 90 days. We meet one on one weekly over zoom where we plan approachable, actionable steps forward.

Please message me with questions, or Book a Call to get started.

Private Yoga Sessions


CA$ 84.0



In my private yoga classes we work closely together to identify your personal needs and goals, I then customize a physical and mental yoga practice that is specific to you. I’ll develop and guide you through a program that makes your goals accessible.

Programs can include a movement practice, meditation, and breathwork. Programs are delivered using a combination of live one on one classes and recordings for independent practice between live sessions. Additional resources will be brought in when helpful or required.

All programs included a free ‘get to know each other’ discovery session to refine goals and starting points.

My practice is based on Vinyasa style yoga but influenced by a strengths based trauma informed approach. You can expect a practice full of choice and fosters compassion and accepting with where we are in that moment.

Please message with questions or to request further details.

Package pricing is available, please message me for details.

Group Yoga Classes - Single Pass


CA$ 15.75



My group yoga classes are all about connecting with community, sharing, and practicing together. My guiding is based on a Vinyasa style practice but influenced by a trauma informed approach. You can expect a class full of options and choice. We practice checking in with the body and choosing to do what feels right at that moment, a practice that builds on compassion for ourselves.

My classes include a grounding to clear and bring focus to the mind, a movement practice that builds confidence in the body, and relaxation and meditation to foster calm and space in the mind. My movement practice is gentle but varied. Themes include a focus on mobility, strengthening, stretching, or opening the shoulders, hips and chest.

Classes are suitable for any level practitioner. Beginners to yoga are welcome.

Please message me with questions or to request the current live schedule.

Monthly memberships are available.
Private group instruction available upon request.

Monthly Yoga Class Membership


CA$ 52.5



The monthly membership is the most affordable way to practice often. Teaching style and what to expect in group classes is detailed in my 'Group Yoga Classes - Single Pass' service listing. You can expect everything mentioned there with the monthly pass and so much more!

What's included?
- Access to all scheduled Live Zoom classes (minimum 14 a month)
- access to all class recordings, in case you miss one or two :)
- pre-recorded pose breakdown videos
- pre-recorded yoga sequences

Please message me with questions or to request the current live schedule

- Group Yoga Classes - Single Pass's are available and a great way to check out my classes before committing to the full month.
- Private Yoga sessions are available
- Private group instruction available upon request

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