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Estrellita Gonzalez

Holistic Skincare Clinic

Holistic Beauty, Nutrition Coaching, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Health Coaching

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Languages: Cantonese, Dutch, English, Hindi, Madarin, Portuguese

Experience: More than 10 years

Accepts Insurance: Yes

Business Address: 2786 West 16th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, Canada

About Me

I started Derma Bright Clinic in 2012 after embarking on a journey of health and wellness that began in 2003, after the birth of my son. As part of this health journey and to improve my overall health, I was visiting a holistic doctor and had some basic tests done, including a heavy metals test. That test showed I had off the charts lead in my body! I was stunned! Where did it come from?

As I was doing research on lead poisoning I won a book from the David Suzuki Foundation entitled “Not Just a Pretty Face – The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry” by Stacy Malkan of the EWG. This book pointed to cosmetics and beauty products containing possible unhealthy ingredients including lead in lipstick! This infuriated me! How could these companies create such toxic products??

Through a series of events soon thereafter I found myself in front of the esthetic machines we now use. And thus Derma Bright Clinic was born!

Healing Approach

At Derma Bright Clinic we make great efforts to provide a caring, healing and healthy environment sharing our wisdom to help our clients achieve their best and brightest skin and overall improved wellbeing!

See our Vision, Mission and Values here: https://www.dermabrightclinic.com/about-us/

Education & Certification

Education: BBA, Aesthetics Certification

Certification: Wellness Coaching

Professional Membership

CRG Assessment Systems


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Technical Facial


CA$ 125.0



A technical facial involves the use of leading edge skincare technology designed to tackle skincare concerns such as fine lines, brown spots, sagging, acne and more

Acne Facial


CA$ 99.0



Got acne? Our Acne Facial is designed to clean, exfoliate, extract and coach clients on things they can do to help cealr their skin. Our "Face Your Acne" protocol, which includes the application of Blue LED light, has been correcting acne for almost 10 years.

LPG Lipomassage for Cellulite


CA$ 160.0



LPG from France is a world leader in 100% natural cellulite, fat, water and loose skin reduction. Its patented technology smooths, reduces, improves bloodflow and lymphatic flow in a relaxing yet effective treatment. Experience what French women use to look so good!

Alex Peel


CA$ 200.0



Alex Peel is renowned for its natural, effective herbal peels. Founded in Germany in the 1950's, the Alex Peel is a great way to correct large pores, fine lines, acne scars, improve texture and help tighten the skin.

Oxygeneo 3 in 1 Facial


CA$ 145.0



The renowned Oxygeneo Facial is a much loved deep cleaning facial using patented technology and products. It will leave your skin clean, glowing, fresh and bright!

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