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Jo-Anne Kingstone

Personal and Professional Life-Coaching for Energy Management and Capacity Building

Business Coaching, Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Transition Coaching

Location: Courtenay, BC, Canada

Languages: English

Experience: More than 10 years

Accepts Insurance: No

About Me

Jo-Anne’s 35-year journey working and leading in schools and with non-profit organizations has confirmed that energy defines our personal and professional capacity. We are at our best--and thus most clear in our direction, our pathway and our goals--when we can find and maintain a healthy and positive focus, regardless of the daily challenges we face.

Jo-Anne spent her career in independent schools in Canada and the US as a teacher, advisor and leader. She has coached, mentored and counselled hundreds of young professionals, emerging and experienced leaders, and parents. Jo-Anne worked with both the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) and The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) as a leader and facilitator. Her experiences have provided her with a deep knowledge of the human journey. A person of great energy, enthusiasm and compassion, Jo-Anne, brings a sense of possibility and warmth to her clients and their coaching relationship. And she believes in this work!

Healing Approach

Energy is at the core of our abilities to meet each day with confidence, competence, clarity and purpose. When we successfully manage our physical, emotional and intellectual energy, we are able to manage our emotions and thus our actions; from this place, we have greater control over the results of our efforts. We can make the choice to live an empowered life!

Energy Management is a training practice that helps us to do just that.

Through the practice we examine some of our basic beliefs about ourselves and our performance, we identify techniques that point us towards healthy personal choices and away from victimhood negativity, we develop the skills and habits of mind to support our positive engagement with our world, and we set real goals based on our learning.

This one-on-one coaching relationship asks each participant to engage in the training practice with honesty, integrity and the will to make the shift towards joy!

Education & Certification

Education: Master of Arts

Certification: Be A Dime: Energy Management Certified Coach, Myers Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practioner, Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation Behavior (FIRO-B) Certified Practioner, Canadian Accredited Independent Schools Certification in Advanced Leadership, The Roy Group Coaching Certification in The Leader's Discipline and Opportunity in Conflict

Professional Membership

Canadian Accredited Independent Schools, Be A Dime Energy Management Coaches, MBTI Practioners


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