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Kieran Lenahan

Business Coach for Faith-Driven Entrepreneurs

Business Coaching, Life Coaching

Location: New Jersey

Languages: English

Experience: 2-5 years

Accepts Insurance: No

About Me

Hey! I'm Kieran Lenahan - the anti-hustle Business and Mindset Coach. I help entrepreneurs grow their businesses without sacrificing the things that matter to them most - family, faith and health.

I'm all for hard work, but you don't need to hustle and grind to be successful in business. That's a cultural lie.

My background is in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Leadership, Habit Formation, and Human Potential. After 6 years in non-profit, startup and corporate management, I studied coaching at iPEC and stepped into entrepreneurship. Since then, I've helped dozens of business owners more fully step into their potential as people and business leaders.

I'm an NJ native, love spending time with my wife and 2 young kids, competing in sports, and doing anything involving being outside in the sun! I'm active in my church and am a member of the Associate Board for Covenant House, a non-profit fighting youth homelessness and trafficking in North and Central America.

Healing Approach

I'm all for hard work, but you don't need to hustle and grind to be successful in business. That's a cultural lie. You can operate from calm, rest and focused action.

My approach involves 2 main:

1) Mindset Coaching - I help clients raise awareness of their mindset (aka habitual thought patterns) and ID what changes to make so they can create more income and impact. The way you think shapes your feelings, actions and results.

We'll get you thinking better quality thoughts that create the results you want.

2) Business Strategy - I help clients define and decide the strategy they WANT to use in their business. We filter out the noise that is the internet, where gurus, podcasts and ads try to provide THE answer to their problem. In today's age, you can use almost any strategy to grow a successful business.

Results come from WHO you're being and HOW you're showing up, not which marketing strategy you use.

We'll get you showing up as the highest version of yourself in no time.

Education & Certification

Education: B.S. in Psychology | Davidson College

Certification: ICF Certified Professional Coach | iPEC

Professional Membership


Business Coaching Session


CA$ 200.00



In this session, you will get clear on:
1) Where you are now in your business
2) Exactly where you want to be 6 months from now
3) The biggest obstacle(s) keeping you from moving from your current results to the results you want.

In one powerful session, you'll gain the awareness needed to get unstuck, make a big decision, and have clarity of vision for what future you want to create in and through your business.

Business and Habit Formation Coaching


CA$ 1,000.00



Business coaching sessions for startup leaders, employees and teams.

Breakthrough Habit Formation Session


CA$ 150.00



After one session, you will walk away with an exact blueprint to form the habit that for some reason, you just haven't been able to form.

80% of New Year's resolutions fail by February. I hate that statistic and want to change it, starting with you.

No matter when you try to form a new habit, the world does not make it clear how to effectively make a change in your life. Surface level answers, using willpower and motivation, and relying on someone else to keep you accountable are not long-term solutions.

They are band-aids treating a symptom, not the root issue.

In this session, we start off by showing you what the root issue is. Then, we transition to helping you design a solution specific to you using the best of modern science and ancient wisdom.

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