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Mayuko Terao

Flower Photo Therapy - Emotional Release Healing

Astrological Counselling, Energy Healing, Holistic Beauty, Meditation, Reiki

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada, Tokyo Japan

Languages: English, Japanese

Experience: 5-10 years

Accepts Insurance: No

About Me

Hello, I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan and now live in Vancouver, BC.
I have been spa therapist for several years and started get interested in holistic health and wellness in order to heal myself and others.
Most profound healing experience happened in the past 5, 6 years as I started become more aware of my ancestors and inherit nature.
I was deepening my experiences through meditation, breath work, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and "Flower Photo Therapy" which integrates many different aspects of healing modalities I have been practicing for decades.
I am focusing on health and emotional release as I found that emotions are very much related to your health conditions and state of well-being.

Healing Approach

The healing approach I use is mainly the method called "Flower Photo Therapy" - it is originally created in Japan.
I am a certified therapist and instructor of this method and I use set of flower photo cards to release emotions most.
Emotions are often related to your physical conditions as well yet this is not a medical treatment.
I help client to discover inner most hidden emotions that can feel stuck or heavy.
A series of Flower Photos are arranged in order to work on your consciousness layer so that we can work gradually and smoothly.

In the session, we determine the session's goal so that client can focus on the issue the client wants to work on first and most.

Then we will discover which emotions are mostly related to the issue / goal the client wants to achieve.

By releasing those emotions that are often hidden and are not spoken out, often deep healing and relaxation can occur.

Education & Certification

Education: Spa Therapist

Certification: Flower Photo Therapy Therapist, Counselor

Professional Membership

Flower Photo Therapy Association Member


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Flower Photo Therapy Session Trial Mini


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Trial 1st Flower Photo Therapy Session
It is emotional release system that works deeper consciousness and often gives quick access to what your inner most desires.
It is recommended for anyone who wants to discover who they truly are and someone who wants to be authentically happy with life.

In this mini session, you can present your short-term goal and we will work on your goal as much as we can.

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