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Paula Nicolau

Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner // Yoga Instructor and Meditation Companion

Energy Healing, Meditation, Yoga

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Languages: English, Spanish

Experience: 2-5 years

Accepts Insurance: No

About Me

Yoga and Meditation have changed my life. They brought consciousness into my everyday and helped me navigate life challenges in a smoother, more authentic and clear way.

This new life approach took me into Bio-Energy Healing, a powerful Energy Healing modality that helps releases energy blockages from the body to bring you into your natural state of full health.

It has become my passion to helo people through the tools that have helped me for years.

Healing Approach

YOGA AND MEDITATION:I offer to my students a mindful practice where we work on being Present. Either if we are moving through asanas (postures) in a Yoga practice, or if we are sitting still in meditation, every session will bring the student to a deep sense of Presence.

BIO-ENERGY HEALING: This potent Energy Healing modality moves the energy in your body and releases any energy blockage so your body can go back into a balanced state of full health. It works for any physical injury or ailment and also emotional or spiritual blockages.


I believe the healing starts by looking inwards, where all the answers are. I offer an environment of quietness and reflection, where we can connect with our own deep self, in order to bring out and release everything we need to heal.

Education & Certification

Certification: RYT 200 HR, RYT Hot Yoga 30 HR, Meditation TT, International Bio-Energy Practicioner

Professional Membership


Meditation sessions (private or corporate groups)


CA$ 100.00



Meditation is a practice where we train the mind to achieve a mode of consciousness. There is no wrong or right way to meditate and, through practice, the student can see benefits like reduction of stress, clearing the mind or ease many health concerns, such as high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety.

There are dozens of techniques of meditation that have been developed during centuries in different traditions. My style is based on mindfulness meditation, breath focus and body awareness (Vipassana tradition).

I offer 45 minutes sessions where we can share our experience and focus on the student goals, as we practice meditating through with compassion and no judgement. There is always some movement and stretching to open the body before the practice

Yoga sessions (private or reduced groups)


CA$ 75.00



I offer private (or reduced groups) yoga classes where we work on quieting the mind through the ancient practice of Yoga (asana). My style is based on the Vinyasa tradition and helps developing strength, flexibility and balance to the everyday life.

Yoga is an amazing practice to find connection within ourselves, to go back to the present moment and to feel more aligned between body, mind and spirit.

Bio-Energy Healing


CA$ 75.00



Bio-Energy Healing is a potent Energy Healing modality that moves the energy in your body and releases any energy blockage so your body can go back into a balanced state of full health.

The treatment includes 5 sessions.of 45/50 minutes each. In the sessions you will be mostly standing, but there is a couple of techniques where you are seating comfortably. It is mostly off hands (there is only 2 or 3 techniques with hands on your head or your back).

I have never experienced any practice like this one: it helps releasing pain, any physical ailment, emotional blockages and all health issues that you can ever imagine.

Practitioner working hours
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