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Rhonda Zeer

Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive, Essential Oil Advocate, Co-Facilitator for Relationship Building

Reiki, Energy Healing, Aromatherapy

Location: Langley, BC, Canada

Languages: English

Experience: More than 10 years

Accepts Insurance: No

About Me

The foundation of my work centers around relationship building. The groundwork being cultivation of relationship to oneself. My approach is healing through the body and healing lead by the body's innate wisdom. When I use the word "body" I am implying it in an holistic way, including the physical, emotional, mental and energetic aspects. Underlying this body centered healing approach is a curiosity and intention to heal through community, fostering relationship and inter-connectedness. The virtual platform allows for the capacity to build a vast supportive web. I am deeply interested in shifting from solely individual centered healing to include a collective community resourced healing system. I am coming back to Reiki and Energy healing from an 11 year break. I am currently shifting from in-person sessions to exploring and cultivating connection through distance healing. I find energetic means of healing such as Reiki and essential oils to be highly effective, subtle yet powerful.

Healing Approach

Reiki is a Complimentary Alternative Medicine CAM modality that tends to multiple systems; mental, emotional, physical and energetic. It is an energy based healing system that promotes a restoration of balance and well being. Reiki can promote restful sleep, ease emotional and mental anxiety, and relieve physical pain. It can also be utilized for those with busy lifestyles to promote relaxation and stress relief.

As adjuncts to my healing work I also like to utilize crystals and essential oils. Crystals help amplify and transmit energy and essential oils offer additional system support through inhalation and topical application. With the shift to a virtual service I can make recommendations for oils to support if you have interest in this.

Rooted in my intention for offering energy healing is also the desire to create healing community. If you find yourself in isolation or feeling disconnected from yourself, to others or the world at large, this is an opportunity to re-connect.

Education & Certification

Education: Massage Practitioner

Certification: Reiki Level II

Professional Membership


Free 15-minute Discovery Call





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Reiki Energy Healing


CA$ 70.0



For this session we will connect through Zoom. Session begins with a 10 minute check in. During this time we will explore your desired focus for the session. From there, I will ask you to find a comfortable space and position in which you can deeply relax in. Once relaxed, I will begin the energy transmission. I often utilize crystals during transmission as they can amplify and assist in transmitting the energy. I do this by holding them in my hands where the energy from my palms passes through them. After about 35 minutes of Energy work we will then have a 5 minute check in before the session closes.

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