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Suzanne Belanger

ColourWisdom Practitioner (liberating energy fields governing physical body), Reiki Master

Energy Healing, Human Design, Massage, Life Coaching, Meditation, Reiki, Psycho-Spiritual Coaching, Aromatherapy


Languages: French, English

Experience: More than 10 years

Accepts Insurance: No

About Me

While winding up a 26 year career in Cardiac Intensive Care, Suzanne felt compelled to reclaim the knowing she had as a child – that loving touch is therapeutic, infused with healing energy & integral to whole health.

She retrained to become a massage therapist & Reiki Master, adding Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Colourtouch, Mind-Body Energy Balancing, & Applied Kinesiology.

Suzanne began to witness trapped emotions,
cellular memories & past life residues in physical bodies, including her own. This led her to practices for deciphering and gently releasing echoes of these phenomena.

Her own adventures revolve around learning, correction & mastery of the lessons she agreed to "play" with, before coming into physicality. This journey occasionally shifts and leaps so quickly that she feels she's folding several lifetimes into one!

Healing Approach

I love to empower you, as a truth seeker, with high vibe yet practical tools to smooth out the bumps in your life.

Since we all have the innate capacity to tune in to our inner wisdom for our own answers, my role is to guide you as you get started or get unstuck.

You CAN master ways to manage challenges for yourself - it's a matter of taking the first step!

I've also created and facilitated adult "edu-tainment" classes since 2012 for corporate & community groups and professional associations, focusing on self care, massage, and metaphysics.

I'm pleased to offer these classes to individuals or small groups, virtually or in person.
I aim to share solid building blocks to accelerate your self discovery journey.

I'm available for video calls, phone calls, or in- person sessions with a flexible schedule.

Thanks for checking out my profile; I'm excited to connect with you soon! Suzanne

Education & Certification

Education: Registered Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapy, Alpha Meditation

Certification: Colourtouch Practitioner , Reiki Master

Professional Membership

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association since 2008


Free 15-minute Discovery Call





Book a complimentary discovery call with Suzanne to learn more about Suzanne's services.

ColourWisdom Energy Readings


CA$ 60.0



ColourWisdom energy field reading targets your stuckness or pain (disguised soul lessons!).
The process decodes clues in your field (past lives, hooks, cords & oaths, etc), releasing residues gunking up your atoms.
Experience the magic of liberated cellular energy propelling you towards your higher life purpose! Virtual or in person
Package of 4 sessions (a deeper, more cohesive experience). $200
Step 1: We chat by phone, to fine tune today's priority question (may be emotional, physical, mental or spiritual)
Step 2: You rest quietly, receiving 15 minutes of distance energy while I create your Energy Field Report. I email you the scanned report, then call you right after to discuss.
Step 3: I guide you to release patterns and to consciously integrate upgrades offered by your Soul's wisdom.

Virtual or in person.

Learn to Use a Pendulum (Dowsing) Class


CA$ 150.0



Attention budding empaths! Take charge of your gut feelings & amplify your intuition. Combine the power of your logical mind with your inner wisdom. This class accelerates your confidence in using a proven tool for mental, emotional and spiritual inquiry.
You may book this as a one on one class or with a group of your friends. When you sign up with a friend, enjoy a complimentary follow up session for each of you.
Set of 2 classes, each 75 min long. $ 150 per person.
Virtual or in person

Massage specializing in Trigger Point Memory Release


CA$ 100.0



Massage and energy work combined to decode and release stored emotions troubling your tissues. Become consciously aware of messages your physical body is masterfully revealing while enjoying the benefit of massage.
60 minutes $100 , 75 min $118, 90 minutes $140.

If you have benefits for massage or Reiki, your insurance plan may provide coverage.

Acupressure for Anxiety, Insomnia and Feelings of Overwhelm


CA$ 150.0



This personalized session teaches you Traditional Oriental Medicine techniques for self care so you can manage your concerns right when you need it.
Gentle easy treatment on key points of meridians brings relief and balance to nervous systems that are working overtime!
Curb stress reactions and improve the quality of your sleep– because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
You may book this as a one on one class or with a group of your friends. When you sign up with a friend, enjoy a complimentary follow up session for each of you.
Set of 2 classes, each 75 min long. $ 150 per person.
Virtual or in person

Stress Busting Couples Massage for Head & Shoulders


CA$ 125.0



NOTE this class is for 2 people -
One person is standing, the other is seated.
No supplies required.
A professional massage therapist teaches you easy, relaxing techniques you'll perform on your partner, then you'll trade spots so you both get a turn to enjoy.
Seated, clothes-on relaxation massage helps dissipate built up tension and pain, and is useful for all ages.
Wear a loose shirt and have water to drink.
Virtual or in person.

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