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Tong Holzinger

Finding Alignment & Fulfillment In Your Work

Meditation, Career Coaching, Psycho-Spiritual Coaching, Transition Coaching

Location: Bellingham, WA, USA

Languages: English

Experience: 2-5 years

Accepts Insurance: No

About Me

Decades of identity crisis was ultimately the catalyst for my calling today.
My soul searching journey officially started when I ran away from home at age 21. The desire to uncover who I am and what I am here for led me to explore different career choices and life paths in two foreign countries (S. Korea and U.S.).
While the transitional experiences were painful, they also built my resilience and depth of understanding.
I began diving deep into self-discovery, finding the ’cause’ behind the ‘effect’, healing from the traumas, and shedding my old identity as the victim, people pleaser, and not being enough.
Because of these rich experiences, I understand how it feels to be confused about who we are, how it influences us, and ultimately the reality we create.
I'm excited to guide you through a journey where you can discover, live your truth, and experience the fulfillment and flow in your work because this is what life is about - leaving your unique footprints to make a difference.

Healing Approach

It really comes down to what works the best for each individual!

I use a combination of approaches such as but not limited to:
💫Timeline Therapy to heal past traumas & phobias that may impact you negatively today (think of triggers, or negative patterns you want to get rid of) ;

💫Intuitively guiding you through probing questions and meditations to release limiting beliefs and conditions. Realign your values and beliefs that are best suited to the impact you want to make and the person you desire to become;

💫Guiding you through self-healing processes such as chakra healing, energy healing, aura cleansing etc. to build better self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-trust, healthier boundaries and better resilience;

💫Lastly, guiding you to incorporate the strategy that works the best for you for sustainable growth and providing accountability for your inspired actions steps so you can experience the unique fulfillment and flow in the work you choose to do.

Education & Certification

Education: Chakra Healing by Anodea Judith, The Silva Ultra Mind System, Duality (use energy to shift reality) by Jeffrey Allen, Energy Medicine by Donna Eden

Certification: Robbins Madanes Strategic Intervention Coaching

Professional Membership


Befriend your biggest challenge


CA$ 1,275.00



In this 4-session boot camp we'll:

✨ evaluate and identify your current biggest challenge that causes you to wake up in the middle of the night with worries and endless thoughts

✨ discover, remove & heal the root cause behind this challenge and other similar situations you may face in the future

✨ gain better understanding and awareness on yourself in regards to this challenge and in regards to other people who are involved

✨ take home with you personalized tools which you can use to continue practicing on your own

Gain Insights & Solution To A Particular Challenge


CA$ 380.00



In this initial session, we will discuss your current situation and focus on uncovering and resolving the root cause of ONE particular challenge you are facing right now.

For example, if you feel challenged in certain areas such as:
-> setting boundaries with family members or at workplace,
-> feeling imposter syndrome,
-> fears or self-doubts getting in the way of actions or decision making,
-> lack of clarity on the direction you need to take next

and so on...

This is a powerful opportunity to gain tremendous insights, understanding and practical solutions toward it.

You will be given certain assignment and/or tools at the end of the session to strengthen the result and to practice on your own.

For the next 4 weeks, I'm giving out practically free session opportunities so you can experience the power of coaching yourself with no risk.

*** Note:
To experience a quicker, more complete transformation, I recommend committing to a 3 month service (weekly session).

Practitioner working hours
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