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Healing Breathwork

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Healing Breathwork is a transformational process that combines an ancient two-step breathing technique with resonating music to create an incredible physical and spiritual experience.

It is safe, simple, and effective for experiencing breakthroughs and optimal wellness in your life.

It is an active breathing process that differs from most traditional meditation and mindfulness practices.

Breathwork helps with the following:
- Healing trauma
- Anxiety & depression
- Detox the body
- Alkalized the blood
- Mental clarity
- Mood elevation
- And more!

How the session works:

- Introduction - we will spend the first 15-20 minutes understanding breathwork as well as setting a clear intention for the practice.

- Breathwork - we will spend 30-40 minutes doing the breathwork.

- Integration & Reflection - we will finish off the session discussing the insights and how to integrate with your life.


Related Health Goal(s)

Anxiety Management
Mental Clarity & Mindfulness
Spiritual Growth and Emotional Cleansing
Stress Management
Trauma Healing

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