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Learn to Use a Pendulum (Dowsing) Class

CA$ 150.00



Attention budding empaths! Take charge of your gut feelings & amplify your intuition. Combine the power of your logical mind with your inner wisdom. This class accelerates your confidence in using a proven tool for mental, emotional and spiritual inquiry.
You may book this as a one on one class or with a group of your friends. When you sign up with a friend, enjoy a complimentary follow up session for each of you.
Package of 2 classes, each 75 min long for a total of 150 minutes. $ 150 per person.
Virtual or in person

Related Health Goal(s)

Energy Enhancement
Life Changes Discovery
Mental Clarity & Mindfulness
Personal Empowerment
Spiritual Growth and Emotional Cleansing

Please select 3 time slots you prefer and the practitioner will confirm it.

To ensure ample response time, time slots are not available within the first 24-hour window of your current time.

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