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Acupressure for Anxiety, Insomnia and Feelings of Overwhelm

CA$ 150.00



This personalized session teaches you Traditional Oriental Medicine techniques for self care so you can manage your concerns right when you need it.
Gentle easy treatment on key points of meridians brings relief and balance to nervous systems that are working overtime!
Curb stress reactions and improve the quality of your sleep– because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
You may book this as a one on one class or with a group of your friends. When you sign up with a friend, enjoy a complimentary follow up session for each of you.
Package of 2 classes, each 75 min long, for a total of 150 minutes. $ 150 per person.
Virtual or in person


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Anxiety Management
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Personal Empowerment
Sleep Improvement
Stress Management