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1:1 Boundary Coaching

CA$ 175.00



Do you currently find yourself in the following:
* paralyzed by fear, shame and guilt with boundaries
* tendency to people-please and self-abandon
* difficulty with saying no & changing your mind
* struggle with asking for and receiving what you need/want/desire
*experiencing burnout, resentment, and anger
*fear of rocking the boat

Boundaries is unfamiliar territory for many folks who were not allowed to have boundaries and say no.

It can feel viscerally scary, overwhelming and that’s a normal reaction because it’s unfamiliar, new or you had a past experience where it wasn’t okay to speak up.

Are you ready to step into your new way of being at the mind-body level:
*I know and feel that I matter too
*I can say no, change my mind, and honor myself
*I have choice
*I am able to communicate & uphold my boundaries
*I experience more joy, pleasure, and rest

I empower folks reclaim their no, power of choice, and experience more ease and confidence with boundaries.


Related Health Goal(s)

Anxiety Management
Mental Clarity & Mindfulness
Personal Empowerment
Stress Management
Trauma Healing

Please select 3 time slots you prefer and the practitioner will confirm it.

To ensure ample response time, time slots are not available within the first 24-hour window of your current time.

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