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Introduction to Energy Management

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This is an introduction coaching session for personal energy management and capacity building. In this 90 minute session, and within a coaching framework, we will review energy management as a training program and discuss your own current wellness practices and goals. Then we will collaboratively create a plan with a few specific, tangible practices that will allow you to manage your energy, build capacity and confidence, and achieve personally and professionally compelling goals.


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Personal Empowerment
Positive Mental Health

5.0 (1 Reviews)

I felt so honored to meet Sarah. She is a truly wonderful coach. It was my first time learning about energy management.
Before I attended the session with Sarah, I thought energy refers to the inner energy that floats through our body.
But actually, it is something else. I was amazed at how much I learned even it was only a 90-minute session. Sarah made me realize how energy management can completely change the way we see things and deal with different matters.
To give a simple example, I had a long-overdue task to clean my kitchen counter and tidy up my home. I was very reluctant to take any action because I was not motivated for no reason.
Surprisingly, after gaining very little understanding of energy management from Sarah, I already felt uplifted. I was managed to focus and finish the task. By managing my energy, I was able to become productive and efficient. Most importantly, every day I started to have more concentration to getting through my daily task and disassociating myself from any irrelevant emotions that distract me.
I must say Energy Management is powerful and inspiring. You are a lucky person if you had an opportunity to know about energy management.

Cherin Lam

Oct 24, 2021