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Transformational Coaching for Personal and Professional Capacity Building and Strategic Goal Setting

CA$ 150.00



At different junctures in our life-journey we come to ask ourselves questions, the answers to which may seem elusive. "What are my passions?" "What is my purpose?" "How do I bridge the gap between where I am now and where I want to go?" "How can I manage challenges more effectively?" "How can manage my energy to improve my relationships with others or my effectiveness at work?" Establishing a coaching relationship with a trained professional will help you explore the answers to these questions (and any others you have!) so you can achieve your personal and professional potential.

Through individual intentional conversations, we will explore and build the skills, habits of mind and self-awareness you will need to meet the challenges of your world with confidence.

Depending on your location, we could meet virtually or face-to-face!


Related Health Goal(s)

Anxiety Management
Energy Enhancement
Personal Empowerment
Positive Mental Health