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Decoding Emotions in Your Tissue

CA$ 75.00



In person or virtual session
What does a virtual session look like?

We chat to priorize your body's area of concern. You then recline comfortably in a safe, calm space. Suzanne places Distance Listening Hands to connect with your Inner Wisdom. We continue to converse while Suzanne brings past lives, contrary beliefs and / or issues to your conscious awareness. She guides you through understanding and releasing these patterns, towards neutralizing the emotion – trigger cycle.

shed tension from your body and energy field (cellular memory)

feel lighter and freer

calmer, more stable emotions

less victim mindset

more empowered to change what has you stuck

gain some a-ha moments

understand more about your Soul Purpose

Related Health Goal(s)

Life Changes Discovery
Personal Empowerment
Spiritual Growth and Emotional Cleansing
Stress Management
Trauma Healing