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Bloom Intensive 1-Month 1:1 Coaching Program

CA$ 697.00



Reset, realign and refocus your mind and start taking massive actions towards your life

Within a few weeks, you will meet 1:1 weekly with Hazel to…
+ get clarity on what the next steps look like in your life
+ create a daily/weekly structure that allows you to balance your inner child and lifestyle simultaneously
+ be free of old stories, the need for external approval from others & live an authentic life on your terms and with a higher power
+ and to develop the strategic steps and habits you need to move forward

This intensive coaching package is intended as a catalyst to set you free. Clients start their transformational journey by: finding out what subconscious beliefs are not benefitting you, learning what self-sabotaging habits to break, creating better morning and evening routines, and diving into the process of figuring out who their authentic selves are.

Your coaching experience includes: weekly video coaching, Voxer access 24/7, weekly action plans, and MORE GOODNESSS!


Related Health Goal(s)

Anxiety Management
Life Changes Discovery
Mental Clarity & Mindfulness
Spiritual Growth and Emotional Cleansing
Trauma Healing

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