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Absentee Crystal Healing Session

CA$ 78.00



This absentee crystal healing session incorporates Reiki by means of calling in your energy as I would for a Reiki healing session. We will test different crystals for each chakra, along with the knees, feet, & hand sub chakras to make sure the crystals used are just right for you. The mineral kingdom is full of healers and teachers!

Once we have the crystals right for you, I will do a body lay out for you to relax and enjoy the beautiful healing energy Mother Earth has provided us. You decide if you would like to enjoy this experience silently, enjoy sound therapy by means of tuning forks, singing bowls, drumming, rattling, or a short guided meditation for the duration of our time together.


Related Health Goal(s)

Energy Enhancement
Mental Clarity & Mindfulness
Personal Empowerment
Positive Mental Health
Relaxation & Tension Release

Please select 3 time slots you prefer and the practitioner will confirm it.

To ensure ample response time, time slots are not available within the first 24-hour window of your current time.

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