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Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy

CA$ 60.00



“FANTASTIC RESULTS! So thankful to have discovered PEMF”--- Kitty Beck, Langley

“I no longer struggle with discomfort on a daily basis"--- Andrew Cantafio, Langley

“PEMF helped speed up the healing process and now that pain is a thing of the past”--- Susan Johnson, North Vancouver

"I was happy with the treatment and my back improved"---Charlotte Butcher, Langley

“I have a better feeling of inner peace, I'm relaxed now and have reduced stiffness in my joints” --- John Cantafio, Langley

"I not only feel more energized but now I'm not experiencing any pain. I'm amazed at the difference”--- Carole Edwards, Langley

“I wouldn't have believed how effective the PEMF mat system was, if I hadn't experience it personally” --- Rose Mercer, Surrey

This is "in-person" therapy. To get in, buzz # is suite #. A complete PEMF session takes a minimum of 60 minutes. Drink water before your session and bring a bottle of water for after your session. For more info www.pemfunlimited.com


Related Health Goal(s)

Energy Enhancement
Immunity Support
Pain Management
Sleep Improvement
Stress Management

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