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Bio-Energy Healing

CA$ 99.00



Bio-Energy Healing is a potent energy healing modality that uses non-invasive techniques to move blocks from your bio-field so your body can go back into a balanced state of full health and well being. It works for any physical or emotional pain and/or trauma.

The treatment includes 5 sessions of 45/50 minutes each that can be done in person or distance (online).

In the sessions you will be mostly standing, but there is a couple of techniques where you are seating comfortably. It is mostly off hands (there is only 2 or 3 techniques with hands on your head or your back).

I have never experienced any practice as powerful as this one: it helps releasing pain, any physical ailment, emotional blockages and all health issues that you can ever imagine.


Related Health Goal(s)

Energy Enhancement
Gut & Digestive Health Improvement
Immunity Support
Pain Management
Trauma Healing

Practitioner Location

This is the approximate location of where this practitioner usually conducts the in-person sessions. The exact location will be shown when the practitioner confirms your session request.

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