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Blueprint Numerology Consultation

CA$ 250.00



Blueprint Numerology is based on the Greek Pythagorean system; not as a prediction tool, but as a healing modality to identify a persons uniqueness, who you are, and is determined from your date of birth and name used today. The Blueprint Destiny is a binding agreement and major task for ones Soul's purpose of being here in this lifetime. Referred to as a life path; its a decision between living a empty or fulfilling life. It describes the influential learning from childhood (family, culture and religion), growth, challenges, learning the lessons in life, and personal insight. The energy as emotions from birth and various past lifetimes being positive and negative; and viewing the energetic karma as a positive life teacher. The calls about an hour long, followed with a guided meditation and or remote healing session.


Related Health Goal(s)

Balance & Mobility Improvement
Energy Enhancement
Mental Clarity & Mindfulness
Spiritual Growth and Emotional Cleansing
Trauma Healing

Please select 3 time slots you prefer and the practitioner will confirm it.

To ensure ample response time, time slots are not available within the first 24-hour window of your current time.

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