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Introductory Conversation

CA$ 80.00



During our initial conversation, we clarify your main concerns and health goals. We will talk at length about your health history. I will teach you how past experiences have shaped the set of symptoms you are currently experiencing.

In this session we tap into your intuition about your health. I'll ask you to share your thoughts and gut feelings, and provide a sounding board for your inner healing wisdom to come through.

By the end of the session you will have three main habits or dietary strategies to work on. This may be as simple as drinking more water and creating a bed-time routine. Alternatively we may add or remove foods in your diet, switch up timing of eating, or the way in which you eat. Your main action item could simply be focusing on breath.

Every single action you take has the potential to improve your health and therefore your life. Let's get you on track with bite sized changes to regular daily life. Book a free 15 minute discovery call to get started.


Related Health Goal(s)

Diet & Nutrition Improvement
Energy Enhancement
Gut & Digestive Health Improvement
Immunity Support
Optimal Aging

Please select 3 time slots you prefer and the practitioner will confirm it.

To ensure ample response time, time slots are not available within the first 24-hour window of your current time.

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