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Follow-Up Conversation

CA$ 65.00



Follow up conversations are recommended every 3-5 weeks, and often 3-4 sessions in total are sufficient to make lasting change. Therefore expect to work with me for at least three months to gain freedom from your symptoms.

Remember, it took months to feel your worst, and it will take months to feel your best again. Holistic health improvements are designed to be sustainable, simple, and straightforward. You won't notice many, "overnight changes," but your point A to point B will be an exciting relief.

In our follow up calls we chat about your current situation and relate it back to your primary concerns and goals. What is working, and what is not? We may have to adjust our approach or build on the habits that are already working.
Be prepared to face your setbacks and celebrate your successes. Honesty and determination will allow us to take your health to the next level.


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Diet & Nutrition Improvement
Energy Enhancement
Gut & Digestive Health Improvement
Immunity Support
Optimal Aging

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