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Distance Reiki

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Reiki, being an energy-based practice, can be sent anywhere around the world, to anyone. It works in a powerful way that relaxes the receiver, allowing healing to take place. Because there is no need to connect in person, we will meet via Zoom, check in, set an intention if you'd like, then begin the session with a short guided meditation to help settle you in. At the end of the session, I will slowly ease you out, and we can reconvene.

During the session, I encourage you to get comfy. You may experience the following: tingling, temperature changes, images appearing in your mind's eye, emotional shifts, anything of this nature. Some don't at all and fall asleep. All and everything in between is absolutely normal. After your session, please drink lots of cool water and listen to your body for any needs that may arise, as it can sometimes be an intense experience.

Thank you for trusting me! Looking forward to meeting.


Related Health Goal(s)

Energy Enhancement
Life Changes Discovery
Mental Clarity & Mindfulness
Positive Mental Health
Relaxation & Tension Release

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