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Deep Dive - Mindful Eating

CA$ 75.00



Mindful eating can be tough for many, but the benefits and its implications are truly profound. These sessions will explore what mindful eating is, how to do it, and a 1-on-1 guided meditation through exploring our senses with food. For those who have practiced mindful eating before, this session can help you tap into it on a deeper level.

🙏 My mindfulness offerings are all pro-bono. All payments will be forwarded to Indspire.ca to support the education of First Nations, Inuit and Métis people for the long term benefit of these individuals, their families and communities, and Canada. If the price is too high for you, please let me know. Well-being is for all.


Related Health Goal(s)

Diet & Nutrition Improvement
Energy Enhancement
Gut & Digestive Health Improvement
Mental Clarity & Mindfulness
Stress Management