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Reiki Energy Healing

CA$ 85.00



Do you suffer with low energy? Low energy can include anxiety, depression, sadness, apathy, anger, exhaustion, burn-out, stress, and lack of motivation. When you are in this energetic space it's difficult to shift out of it on your own.

Reiki is an ancient healing technique that can provide relief for symptoms of low energy. In just one session you can experience one or more of the following benefits:

1. Balance and harmony throughout the body and mind
2. Relaxation and release of negative thoughts and energy
3. Clears energetic blocks
4. Detoxes and improves the immune system
5. Clear the mind and improve focus
6. Improve sleep
7. Emotional regulation

Book a session today and start experiencing better levels of energy.


Related Health Goal(s)

Anxiety Management
Energy Enhancement
Mental Clarity & Mindfulness
Relaxation & Tension Release
Spiritual Growth and Emotional Cleansing

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