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Trauma Coaching

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The amazing benefit of The BalanCHIng Method is that you don’t have to repeatedly “relive” the trauma in order to release it.
I support women of all ages (including teens in transition) in healing emotional trauma to feeling more self confident, re-discovering the self love they were born with and feeling more empowerment in the authentic you that they are here to be!
Any kind of trauma can have long term effects (PTSD) and each individual is different in the way they react. Sometimes a trauma is hidden in order to protect a person and there is no “conscious” memory. Sometimes the memory can become conscious later in life with a specific trigger and in some cases never consciously remembered. In any case, it does not make the trauma less severe or have less impact on a person's life.
Through my own personal healing journey I discovered some of the most powerful tools that work quickly & efficiently in healing trauma, re-wiring your brain and clearing old belief patterns.


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