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Emo-Flow Release Card Readings

CA$ 250.00



This is a 3-4 hour process altogether:
1.5-hour reading including trauma/grief healing/release plus several hours to write up a personal healing guidance script.
Perhaps you’ve been repeating old patterns, time and time again, making choices that lead to the same or similar outcomes. Perhaps there’s a family pattern that you just can’t seem to free yourself. Let's have a look together!

The script includes a before and after picture of the cards, pictures of the card/story changes and how it unfolds after releasing the obstacles you meet on your journey, including healing affirmations.

The first picture of the cards tells you a story about the things you have to pay attention to right now in your life. Whenever the flow of the story is interrupted, it will be necessary to look at past events, trauma, trapped emotions and belief patterns that make you stuck.
I will help you release mental and emotional blocks through muscle testing and the Emotion Code/Behavioral Barometer.


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Anxiety Management
Life Changes Discovery
Personal Empowerment
Spiritual Growth and Emotional Cleansing
Trauma Healing